Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Chevron prints has become a lot popular to wear in the South. There are lots of different types of styles, shapes, and colors. I just love chevron prints!!!!
Love this chevron print dress. (Target.com)

 1) Black and White Chevron Maxi Dress (lulus.com)
2) Multicolor Chevron Sleeveless Dress With A Bow

1990's Flashback Fashion

Taking a flashback to the 90s fashion style. Then and now looks of the 90s.

1) Tuxedo Velvet Dress
2) 90s Rappers Pants

Spring Fashion For 2015

Spring season is coming up soon. So check out some springy new gear.

1)  *A Cute Sleeveless Floral Print Flare Out Skirt
* Black Mary Jane Heels
* Gold Cuff
2)  Floral High Low Maxi

3) Water Color Textile Floral Print Skirt

4) Vintage Floral Dress

 How To Dress Professional?
Going into an interview or presentation dressing professional is a smart way to have confidence and look good. Down below are some pics of what to wear ladies.