Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Trips, Adventures, and Vactions

Happy belated Birthday Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in High Point, N.C. (number 1).!!!!!!! My mom and I was taking lots of photos there inside and outside. A women pass out at the place because she was to excited about getting doughnuts and the ambulance came, people were cutting in the line, a guy was trying to buy our doughnuts from us. It was too funny. We stood inside in the line for 45 minutes, but it was worth the wait. I love Krispy Kreme !!!!!! I also have on a outfit (that I made) and took pictures with my doughnuts. I also got pictures with the staff members working there too. This was worth to go get 4 boxes of doughnuts.

Mini random photo shoot I did yesterday and my mom took the pictures. Let me tell you guys it was hot yesterday about 92 degrees. I was glad I had on 100% cotton on.
Location: Asheboro, NC
Where: Georges Carry Out

TBT: 2014 Wedding in Burlington, NC
This was a last minute wedding my mom and I went to with my aunties in Burlington, NC. This was a outside wedding at "The Country Club" in Burlington, NC. I love this wedding so much because it was simple and classy. Their colors were; black, white, and gold. To make this story funny, I happen to have on the same colors at the wedding. This wedding was so beautiful, peaceful, and just outstanding. Everyone was looking fabulous and sharp with their outfits on. My aunt Rhea was looking beautiful (as always) and she did; the decorations, photographer, and help the bride all by herself. My mom and I also help her to. My mom and I was also photographers too at the wedding. This was a lovely wedding and a beautiful couple that had got married.

High Point, NC: Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! My mom and I went to my aunt's house to watch the fireworks in High Point, NC. While going down there, it was a lot of traffic, it was pack, and crowded. We had a ball on 4th of July!!!

My mom and I had a blast in Franklinville, NC. I'm a city girl from up north. I never been to a country wedding before and when I went I love it. It was simple and chic. At the place there was a mixture of every race, everyone was nice, had a good time, food was good, and we had a ball. We also dance to the cha cha slide and we were wobbling. I just want to give a big shout out to Katie Jones ( I knew her since middle school) and her husband Jayln on getting married today. You guys are a beautiful couple and the wedding was outstanding. Here are the pictures that my mom and I took.

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